Math REU Timetable


The chosen projects are from accessible areas of mathematics to allow students to quickly get involved in their research projects. The projects will allow students to begin with a hands-on experimental approach, using examples to familiarize themselves with the research question. Additionally, starting at the beginning of the 8-week experience, presentation skills will be developed by providing LATEX training, requiring daily research journals typeset using LATEX, and requiring shortdaily presentations of the day’s findings.

At the end of 8 weeks, each student group will create and present both a research talk and a poster (for presentation at the MAA student poster session at the Joint Mathematics Meetings). Further, the student groups will begin writing a research article, with the expectation of follow-up by the student group and the student mentor in the subsequent academic term.

The timetable for the REU is as follows:

• Week 1: Students read background material, are presented with problems, and begin daily LATEX journals.
• Week 2: Students focus on particular problems, formulate conjectures, and continue to read.
• Week 3: Students experiment with examples to build techniques.
• Week 4: Students work on proving conjectures.
• Week 5: Students work on proving conjectures.
• Week 6: Students work on proving conjectures.
• Week 7: Students begin creating slides and poster as well as begin writing up results.
• Week 8: Students complete creation of slides and poster and give presentations.

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